Ten reasons to homeschool

Homeschooling is the leading edge of education. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these ten reasons to homeschool and compare them to the other educational options out there. 1. Freedom – I don’t think most people realize what it really means to be free when it comes to education and in many ways they are afraid to. Most of us are quite programmed to look at schooling within a very narrow lens. Parents have quite willingly surrendered their natural right to guide and direct their children’s education. Why? With homeschooling parents are in control. 2. Flexibility – You decide when and how you will “do school”. Scheduling is completely up to you. No, you really don’t need to be sitting in a desk for six hours! 3. Individualized – You can provide a completely customized educational plan that meets the unique needs of your child. 4. Choices – There are more curriculum options and learning methodologies to try than there is time to try them all. It can be overwhelming at first, but ultimately encouraging to know that if something isn’t working, there’s always something else out there to try. 5. Family Life – Children grow up too fast! Homeschooling affirms the importance of family time and values. Wouldn’t you rather be an integral part of your children’s educational journey and not just a homework facilitator? 6. No testing requirement – In some states there is no testing requirement for homeschoolers, so you don’t have to worry about high-stakes testing. To check your state’s homeschool laws and how restrictive they are go to https://www.hslda.org/laws/ 7. More Time – Homeschooling allows for more time to pursue individual interests, sports, and hobbies. With one-on-one instruction, it simply takes a lot less time to do a lot more than you would in a classroom with 15 or more students. 8. Safe and Encouraging Environment – You have more direct influence over your child’s social interactions. There seems to be some sort of myth circulating that homeschoolers aren’t socialized, but nothing could be further from the truth. Who would you rather socialize your child, you, who presumably have advanced social skills, or 30 or more of your child’s peers? 9. The World is Your Classroom – You are not limited to learning at home! Every day can be a field trip. There’s a saying among homeschoolers, “why do they call it homeschooling if we’re never home?” 10. You’re not alone! – This is where homeschooling is really on the leading edge. Because of the creativity and collaboration among homeschool parents, support groups, co-ops, hybrid schools, field trips, and more abound among homeschooling communities. More than 85% of homeschoolers belong to some sort of support organization. #learning #moms #homeschool #school #choice #curriculum #education

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