Meal planning, anyone?

In this season of multiple Holidays, activities, outings, vacations, and oh LIFE, meal planning becomes just that. Planning. Are you organized in the meal planning department? Have you ever considered accepting one of your favorite friend’s monthly meal prep get-together invites? Have you ever wondered what even HAPPENS at those things??? (Send me an invite when you go). In a future post, we’ll tell you about our experiences with meal workshops and my love-hate relationship with the Instant Pot. Let me just say that the Instant Pot is the antithesis of labored meal prepping. Honestly. It’s last minute throw in a protein, veggies and seasonings and call it a healthy meal 30 minutes (or less) later. Ah-mazing. Be ready to dive in to Instant Pot support groups and Facebook forums. They’re as diverse as the food they cook (are you meat-and-potatoes, paleo, primal, vegan, vegetarian, grain-free, gluten-free, AIP???) Lots of meal planning talk there too. The newest Instant Pot cookbook by Laurel Randolph looks promising (just released April 6, 2016). Have you seen it? Check it out on Amazon: Leave us a comment and tell us how you meal plan and meal prep! And do you own an Instant Pot? What is your favorite recipe? An Amazon affiliate link is contained within this post. Click here for our disclosure policy. #cooking #food #bread #instantpot #pressurecooking #meals #mealplanning

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