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I sat quietly on the edge of the couch, wrapped by a soft fuzzy blanket my 6 year old brought over.

For three weeks I’ve watched my husband discuss growing into manhood topics from ,,The Journey Into Manhood Father’s Starter Kit by ,,Manhood Journey & ,,City on a Hill Studio, sent to us by the company. This is a review from their experience and a humble lesson from my ever-so-grateful motherhood perspective.

Many of you have noticed the blog has been quiet lately. (Thank you for your love and kindness).

My family and I have struggled through my health problems, medical procedures, and most recently my husband’s job loss, which was unexpected and completely unjust.

We have felt wrecked.

As I watched this man I have been married to for 25 years usher our two sons through a study of growing into a Godly man, I wept.

This study couldn’t have come at a better time, I silently gave thanks.

The six week nondenominational program for fathers and sons can be used one on one or with a group. (If used in a group setting, the leader would take on the role of a male mentor).

This first module is titled Embarking and focuses on preparing for the journey ahead and gathering The Five Big Rocks they will carry into manhood. The kit also includes a copy of the poignant book Wise Guys by co-founder Kent Evans.

As women and moms we are constantly attacked by feelings of inadequacy and the fear of ,,not being good enough.

I can not fathom the devastatingly similar experience faced by a man and father.

This week I learned valuable lessons as I watched my husband, who had been rejected and deemed unworthy by men, leading with all the confidence beyond the uncertainties.

I watched him paradoxically stand as this powerhouse of fatherhood and fall to his knees as the example in humility of manhood.

Because in his brokenness, he leads.

Paradox. Irony. Incongruity. Absurdity.

Whatever I choose to call it. It seems incomprehensible, but so is his faith.

Unshaken, he leads.

The fun activities (The Five Big Rocks) were a great hands-on visual for the kids. The discussion time shared afterward was an opportunity to really focus on the meaning and purpose of everyday words and actions.

Here are bits of a more in-depth discussion they closed with:

The following week, while they worked on their journal, I showed up and of course was all too happy to opine (micromanage) right up on their activity.

Yes, yes I did.

My husband politely gave me the look and when I didn’t quite get it, he held up the cover of the book and pointed to the word “MANhood”.

Why, whatever could he mean?!! I continued right on with my helpful input.

Finally, he looked at the boys and said, “C’mon boys, I think we need to take this MAN-ly meeting to the next level.”

And so they did.

[Excuse the Winter glow and unashamedly gratuitous shirtlessness, but there was a point to this. Whatevs.]

Kid on the left is clearly practicing posing with his herculean six-pack without taking a breath. Man-ly.

Manhood Journey Father Son Study

That’s right, guys. Go on wichyobadself.

We do what we do best. I do Mom. He does Dad. I laughed out loud.

Knowing this precious time of acceptance, nurturing, bonding, affirmation and love will have a lifelong impact on our sons, I smiled.

What is the true measure of a man?

I watch as he boldly leads them in humility and integrity through the storms of life.

Find out more about what’s included in the kit from

Manhood Journey & City On A Hill Studio {,HERE}:

Group Discussion Guide

1 on 1 Discussion Guide

DVD for all 6 modules

10 Maprochures

Free Book: Wise Guys

Price: $29.99

Manhood Journey Father Son Kit

Manhood Journey Father Son Lessons from a Mom

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