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Love in Action Not Words Manifesto


I am flawed.

You are flawed.

We must stop loving only in words and LOVE IN ACTION.

This is deeply hurting for some of us who are struggling in silence.

Sometimes we ignore the obvious and accept the “I’m fine, it’s fine” response, because it gives us permission to not act, to not reach out, to not get involved, to not help.

So don’t ASK. Just ACT.


[1 John 3:18]

And, even more importantly:

Being flawed.

At times, it’s easy for me to love in action those who already love me back.

Some of us leave groups, clubs, gatherings, events, churches because the loving that is there is taking place in this manner.

If you love those who love you back, what credit is that to you?

And if you do good to those who do good to you back, what credit is that to you?

The worst of us sinners do that already.

But we can do better than that. So let’s just stop.

[Luke 6:32]

i am striving to Truly LOVE.

And not TODAY. But ALWAYS.

Because, well, ya know, I am flawed.

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