Home is where the chaos is

Well, it’s finally here. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Spring Cleaning. If you’re anything like us, you’ve survived through the dark blizzardy days of Winter just to get the honor of spending the first weekend of sunshine all year long doing what you love to do best. Cleaning. And I’m definitely not being sarcastic about this at all. At all. I have thought long and hard about where to start this glorious Spring cleaning activity. In fact, I spent an entire afternoon making a list, checking it twice and then divvying it up with my husband. The kids will get to pitch in and help out using their own unique skill sets (we’ve got an expert gum-smacking duster and a fabulous lollypop-sucking sorter). As I look around our home then back at my list, I am filled with Norman Rockwell-ish imagery of a delightful little family cleaning and organizing together with smiles and giggles (queque in birds singing here). No, really. Yeah, the reality is quite different. If you know me personally, you know I am partial (more like addicted) to purging, minimizing, plain o’ throwing things away. It’s the sentimental side of me. I can’t tell you how beautifully that works when Spring cleaning time comes around! We spend a few hours in this order: 1. Sorting what is no longer needed, putting them away if they will be reused (for other seasons) or donating and tossing in the trash/recycle bins. 2. Hitting the deeper cleaning items like bathtubs, fridge, windows, under furniture, etc. 3. Having a dance party. It’s what’s kept our people sane, honestly. Getting to the minimalist point as a family is just something that keeps us all happy and trust me, we have a looong way to go still (no mention of my crazy boxes in the garage. Nope). But the fact is, when you have less to clutter your life, you can spend a whole lot more time on another type of Spring cleaning — the internal kind. And believe me, unless you are, indeed one of those Rockwell families, you will appreciate this kind. Internal Spring cleaning is about cleansing of the body and mind as a family. Spending time cooking healthy bright colored meals with the new crops our bodies have long awaited. Being outside soaking in the sunshine and shedding that Winter pale glow. It is bliss. Internal Spring cleaning should be our deepest cleaning. Take the time to really DO this. Renew, revitalize, recharge, reconnect. It keeps the chaos and the crazies at bay. How do you Spring clean? #home #spring #cleaning #organizing #minimal

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