Gina’s Non-Toxic “Buh-Bye Ants” Spray

Guest Post by Gina, EOE (Essential Oils Extraordinaire) The warm weather is here. And so are the pesky little ants that invade our patio! Last year I sent the kids inside as I went to battle with the RAID. THIS year was different! When the little stinkers surfaced last week, I quickly whipped up this little gem and sent MY KIDS out to spray away! One week later and my patio is ant-free! Buh-Bye Ants! Here’s my secret weapon: 2 Drops Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap (any is fine, but I used peppermint, yay Costco!) 3 Drops DoTerra Peppermint Oil Fill the remainder of a 2 oz. spray bottle with water. Shake before using and wave buh-bye to ants! Here are some things to keep in mind: Remember this is perfectly safe to have around your pets and things your kids would come in contact with, which is a win in my book! Also, if you’re spraying indoors, you want to look to see where the ants are entering your home and stop the problem there. If you spot ants crawling across your kitchen counter or already inside your cupboards (yikes, I get reports this happens every year for some moms!) place a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and wipe it across your baseboards or leave the cotton ball inside your cupboard. You may have to do this a few times at the different entry points and paths of travel, but it works! Lastly, don’t be afraid to spray your outdoor furniture, cushions, pillows etc. Again, this is safe and natural and will keep bugs as well as other critters from visiting, yet it won’t hurt them! Do you have some great essential oils tips for the outdoors you’d like to share in the comments? Get out there and enjoy your Summer gatherings! Gina is an Independent Wellness Advocate for DoTerra. She is also our Essential Oils Extraordinaire for all things Essential Oils! DoTerra maximizes essential olis with an extensive line of Personal Care and Welness Supplements (including Children’s Supplements!) You can contact Gina {here} for free consultations. She loves mentoring and teaching others to be well! An Amazon affiliate link is contained within this post. See our disclosure policy. #summer #bugs #essentialoils #patio #outdoors #ants

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