For All the Kids Who Love to Ask “Why?”

Do you have the kids who spend a good portion of the day asking the WHY or HOW of things? The natural curiosity in kids was always something that fascinated me… Until I had my OWN kids. Then it exhausted me. I am constantly on my toes, looking stuff up, reading so I can explain it all and frankly, I’m not the best at coming up with STEM related activities on the fly. But you know who is??? The Frizz!!! Ms. Frizzle is every parent’s BEST Science sidekick. She is always patient, delightfully creative and superbly adventurous! [side note: did you know her full name is Valerie Felicity Frizzle and she’s a Science teacher at Walkerville Elementary School? Go ahead, impress the kids!!!] Who doesn’t LOVE Miss Frizzle on a rainy afternoon? Or on a sunny day’s backyard adventure? So why not join her Science Club and have her around every month of the year?!! The Magic School Bus Science Club is a 12-month Science Kit subscription for ages 5-12 based on the award-winning series, The Magic School Bus. If you haven’t heard about the series before, each of the stories centers on the antics of a frizzy red-haired fictional elementary school teacher, Ms. Frizzle, and her class, who board a “magic school bus” to take them on field trips to impossible locations, like the Solar System, clouds, the past, and inside the human body! This story-based learning took the Science scene by storm in the 1990’s! Yeah, I told my kids that and they don’t find Ms. Frizzle “ancient” even one bit! In fact, she has became even MORE of a celebrity at our house! [“Woah, she’s been rockin’ the Science world since before we were born, Mom!” and “Did you have a long purple dress like hers in the 90’s, too?”] I love these children. The kit subscription takes it to the next level, with HANDS ON learning that all ties into the stories! It’s a great choice for families with multiple children, kinesthetic and visual learners — and just a FUN, educational activity for any day! The Kits include experiments related to Volcanoes, Weather, water, Fossils, Bacteria and Fungi, Stars and Planets, the Human Body and SO much more! Check out this video where the kids get to make their own SLIME as part of a Kit, which contains this PLUS 6 other experiments! (All monthly kits have AT LEAST 7 experiments!) p.s. This one is from Educents, one of my favorite places to shop for FUN and EDUCATIONAL stuff for my kids, so you don’t have to see my kitchen on a weekday. You’re welcome. Another included kit is the Volcano Kit, which comes with a small volcanic rock, a pumice stone, sheets of paper, black paint, paint brush, and a magnifying glass for big explosions: And there are SO many more experiments! Think of a Sibling Science Club, a Neighborhood STEM Club, a Homeschool Co-op, an After-school Club, with friends bonding over volcanoes explosions, or human body experiments! Getting kids excited about STEM is easy when you can sign up for Ms. Frizzle’s Science Club at HALF OFF on Educents! Hurry, take a look at what you get: The 12 Magic School Bus themed Science experiments sent to your doorstep, monthly, include: Detailed, extensive 12-page colorful manual that is full of experiments and topic information. Each manual was based on the award winning Magic School Bus Book (and TV) series. A handy dandy cheat sheet for adults, so you can lead the way with no background in science. Tools and instructions for a at least 7 interactive experiments per month. Online Clubhouse for further exploration on each package topic (take advantage of this!!). Certificate of Completion – a great way to reinforce learning and accomplishments. This is thrilling for the kids and easy and affordable for us at just $10/month delivered to my door! The price you pay at Educents is $119, which is for the 12-month subscription with shipping included. That’s less than $10 per month! Also, it is currently (at the time of this posting) HALF of the price Amazon is selling it for!!! The first kit ships the next month. These are GREAT to give as gift subscriptions! Ready to join the club? See more [here]. NEW: Don’t miss this limited time $10 OFF $25 purchase clicking Sign Up button below: Wanna share about the Magic School Bus Science Club with a friend? Share this post on Social Media and follow us here: (HINT: we post limited time EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODES across Social Media! If you see ANY other FUN items you’d like to pick up at Educents today, active code CANDYCORN will get you FREE SHIPPING on your order! Hurry!) Facebook | Twitter | Instagram It means the world to us! This post may contain Amazon Affiliate Links and other Affiliate Links. Please see our Disclosure Policy. #parenting #kids #momlife #backtoschool #School #Science #Homeschool #STEM

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