Connecting with your child: Start a project. No, not that kind.

connecting with your child through a project start a project

We are continuing our ,,10 Days of Connecting With Your Child Series.

I am guilty of overthinking projects I am about to start, have started or am about to complete.

I get all worked up in the details ensuring I will have grand, elaborate, meaningful, tangible results so our time and efforts will be deemed worthy — by my impossibly high standards…which I myself often can’t meet. #truthbomb

Really, that is NOT the Real Moms Winging It way.

Think about it. I am not making ANY connection whatsoever with a child who is on the receiving end of all this overthinking. None.

At times I rationalize it by saying “there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have everything planned so that your child is successful in xyz project…”

Oooooh, yes there is.

The best projects are the ones that provide spontaneous

deep connections,

both educationally

and emotionally.

How spontaneous and connecting is all of my overthinking, overplanning, overstressing?

You don’t have to build a nuclear fusion reactor in your kitchen, even if you think your child could.

You can find spontaneous deep connection in a simple project of building a cardboard solar oven, cooking hot dogs and eating them together.

Build a scrapbook and share pictures you can reminisce and laugh about.

Build a silly board game that’s easy enough the whole family can enjoy, little ones included.

Build a fort out of cardboard boxes and sleep in it with the kids.

Learn to play an instrument together.

Design and plant a garden.

Research a country’s cuisine and create a menu to cook together and enjoy.

Whatever “project” you choose, make sure it’s not about the results and instantly turning it into a pass or fail scenario in your mind (a-hem, I’m in recovery). There will be plenty of those in his/her life. And the truth is, if you really wanna talk results-oriented, uh, well, all the formal processes and scrutinizing, overthinking and analyzing will NOT result in the spontaneous relatable special moments your child will remember! Just sayin’.

Go and start a project, will ya!

Tell us what project you’re working on or have completed that brought a spontaneous deep connection to your relationship with your child.

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