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10 days of connecting with your child bonding

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I was talking to a friend who is a mom of boys and she was expressing concern over how little physical contact she was making with her sons, now that they were growing older. They were so independent all of a sudden that they never really seemed to have the need to be hugged, held, touched anymore.

I get it. They’ve become discoverers, curiosity-led beings, too busy thinking of the next thing.

And yes, many of us don’t have the naturally touchy-feely child, OR aren’t naturally touchy-feely ourselves!

But, this is what we must keep in mind:

It is IMPORTANT that you DELIBERATELY touch your child every day.

Studies provide much evidence pointing to the importance of touch.

It is a critical factor in growth and development; not just when studied on human children, but positive effects of touch have been demonstrated in a wide range of organisms, from worm larvae to rat pups!

For babies, touch is easy to incorporate because you are not only providing it in a functional way, but also emotionally. Secure attachment bonding is critical to communicate with your baby.

But they grow older and this becomes a challenge as children, both boys and girls, develop preferences and you are forced to ,,read their cues more closely.

Here’s a key point to make it simple:

Touching can occur in the form of high fives, pats on the back, friendly bump, hair stroking, back scratch, hand hold, hand squeeze, rough and tumble play, wrestling, and many other forms!

The important thing is that they feel your presence and the physical touch is nurturing and affirming.

Appropriate and consistent physical contact is crucial in healthy bonding and connecting with your child.

How do you maintain a physical bond with your child?

Connecting with your child through touch

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