Color me geek! NEW GIVEAWAY

My oldest son has loved learning the Periodic Table. I repeat. LOVED. He’s moved on to books on the elements, molecular formulas, puzzles, games, videos. As a homeschool mom, I knew this meant I would eventually have to mom-rig a Chemistry lab on my kitchen counter. The thought has been terrifying. In the meantime, I was searching online for ways to explore Chemistry without blowing up the house and found the most delightful little idea! Que Interessante has come up with a set of Chemistry Crayon or Colored Pencil labels which you stick to your choice of boxed crayon or pencil set. The chemical formulas written on each label correspond to the colors produced during a flame test of each compound! So in essence my kids are coloring with these crayons/pencils and asking each other, “Please pass the mercuric iodide!” while I’m secretly bursting with excitement that they don’t realize they’re completely geeking it out, I mean learning. Check out Que Interessante’s store. I’ll keep you posted on our Chemistry lab. What do you think of this idea? Would your kids, grandkids or students enjoy using these? We have a NEW GIVEAWAY! We have NOT received anything at all from Que Interessante to endorse this product! We just love it and we’d love for our readers to have a set! So we purchased the sets of labels and get this, made 2 complete sets of 24 Crayola Crayons (that’s right, you don’t have to place the labels on yourself, it’s already done for you, with reinforcement so they are sturdy!) to give away to 2 lucky readers (U.S. only)! Enter to win in the Rafflecopter via our Giveaway page below. Last day to enter is Saturday April 23, 2016. Winner will be announced Sunday, April 24, 2016. Thank you for supporting us! Enter via our GIVEAWAY PAGE here #learning #chemistry #science

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