15 Fall Themed STEM Activities

Fall themed STEM activities

We are bringing you 15 BEST STEM Experiments and Activities to keep the kids excited and engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical explorations this Fall!

We love these and hope they will become your favorites, too!

Get crankin’ and have LOTS OF FUN!

1. ,Pumpkin Slime

Pumpkin SLIME made from pumpkin guts!

via ,Little Bins for Little Hands

Pumpkin Slime

2. Candy corn catapults

We LOVE that you can be try these with simple items around the house!

via ,Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls

Candy Corn Catapults

3. ,Pumpkin oobleck (a non-newtonian fluid experiment)

This fascinating non-newtonian fluid acts both like a liquid and a solid!

via ,,Little Bins for Little Hands

Pumpkin Oobleck Non- Newtonian Fluid Experiment

4. ,explore colors and chlorophyll

This experiment is not only highly observable, but the results are beautiful!

via ,,A Little Pinch of Perfect

Fall leaf colors and chlorophyll

5. ,hopping corn

The corn reacting to CO2 gas can make this experiment last for more than 1 hour!

via ,One Time Through

Hopping Corn Science Experiment

6. ,edible Bubble science with apples

Learn about bubbles, water molecules, surface tension, surfactants then enjoy a delicious snack!

via ,,Preschool Powol Packets

* For more in-depth Surface Tension Experiments for older kids click ,{HERE}.

Edible Bubble Science With Apples

7. ,build a flashlight kit for a fall hike

In this kit you will build your very own flashlight while learning about light reflection, electrical wiring and engineering design! Then take it outside to enjoy an evening Fall hike!

via ,Educents (* Sign up with new account via this link and get $10 OFF $25 purchase!)

Build a flashlight science kit

8. build a photovore robot

Q the Robot loves light. Build Q and use your flashlight to drive towards it! Your family will love this introduction to robotics. Learn Electronics with FREE interactive online lessons {,HERE}

via ,,EEME

Q the robot photovore eeme

9. ,dissect owl pellets

Don’t miss this fun hands-on project investigating owl pellets. Learn about owls, food chains, webs, while practicing observation and classification skills. Includes informational packet with diagram of the bones.

via ,Amazon

Dissecting Owl Pellets

10. ,sprouting indian corn

Did you know if you place indian corn in a pan with water covering about half of the corn, place it near a sunny window, it will start to sprout in about 5-6 days? Kids will learn about germination as they see both roots and sprouts growing out of their corn.

via ,,De tout et de rien

Sprouting indian corn

11. ,Observe conduction weather experiment

With simple supplies, watch conduction happen right before your eyes and learn how it applies to weather!

via ,,Learn Play Imagine

12. ,extract dna from spinach

Did you know that you could extract DNA from spinach from the comfort of your own kitchen?

via ,,

13. ,build & test a model solar house

Construct and test the energy efficiency of and solar heat gain of a cardboard house.

via ,,The Concord Consortium

Build a solar house

14. ,make a hygrometer from pinecones

Make a hygrometer for measuring the humidity in the air. Yes, using a pinecone!

via ,,The Happy Scientist

Hygrometer pinecone

15. ,math and science in the kitchen

Educate kids on Science, Math, Nutrition and more with this incredible award-winning monthly subscription to learn while cooking! [Here’s aThanksgiving Dinner sous chef idea!]

via ,Kidstir

Science and Math Cooking With Kids

**bonus: ,building apple structures

The kids are gonna love building these!

via ,Fun At Home With Kids


That’s a LOT of discovering and exploring waiting for you!

What are some of your faves? Let us know in the comments below.

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