10 Winter Family Activities The Kids Will Beg For!

Fall themed STEM activities

Winter can be a difficult season in some parts of the country.

The reduced sunlight and harsh weather can make the cheeriest of us want to go hibernate until Spring.

But do not fear! We have put together this fun and simple list of 10 WINTER FAMILY Activities you can add to your To-Do list for the season!

We love these and hope they will become your favorites, too!

1. build a winter campfire

You already know my family loves ,,Summer camping in our backyard, but we also love to build a fire in the middle of the snow! Why yes, I do sport my favorite and very fashionable ,,thermal socks for the occasion!

We use our super duper fun ,,pie iron sandwich cooker to make delish tomato, mozzarella & basil grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and for dessert, our favorite Pie Iron Chocolate Marshmallow Pockets: In pie iron place refrigerator crescent roll dough fill with handful of mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, fold the dough over and cook until dough is done. Easy-peasy and kids love it!

Tip: See fabulous and easy fire-cooking recipes in this ,10 Best Camping Recipes post!

Pumpkin Slime

,ninahale via Visual Hunt & Amazon

2. baking fun

Baking with kids is both educational and entertaining! So many skills can be incorporated into this activity!

We love to try new recipes.

,Kidstir is a favorite monthly subscription we enjoy because it combines all the fun and learning into one!

Science and Math Cooking With Kids

3. ,Play a game of broomball

Who says broomball can’t be played with actual brooms?

You guys!!! You don’t need official broomball equipment to play this loads-of-fun game!

Gather friends and neighbors, grab some simple ,,household brooms, a ,,plastic ball and some ,,cones for your goal and get broomin’!

broomball with kids in neighborhood

,credit Anderson Univ

4. host a soup tasting party

This is one of our favorite Winter gatherings.

We invite friends and neighbors to bring a pot of their favorite soup and the printed recipe to share with other guests. As hosts, we bake some fresh bread, prepare ,,labels, lay out ,,mugs, ,,cups, and ,,spoons. Each guest goes around and samples the beautiful bounty of delectable soups placed out, buffet style.

It is such a wonderful time socializing and experiencing new recipes, while gathering with dear friends! Give it a try!

Winter Soup Part

,credit Freepik

5. put on a puppet theater show

Kids love planning and creating for this type of activity!

This is an awesome and simple ,,doorway puppet theater below, but your setup does not have to be elaborate, a simple homemade tri-fold cardboard can be decorated creatively. Toys, action figures, or hand-puppets can be used to take on adventures, narrate stories and expand the imagination of young and old!

My kids love an audience and it’s extra special to record their shows on video and save those special memories.

Tip: I didn’t always use this, so my home movies were shaky from the inevitable laughter and giggle while holding the camera, so use a ,tripod for hands-free recording!

Puppet Theater

,Credit Land of Nod

6. gather to give

One of the very best ways to teach kids about compassion and serving others is to spend time together making care packages to take to the homeless, baking cookies to take to a kids shelter, packing shoeboxes for ,Operation Christmas Child, or any other activity to help others in need.

Since my oldest son was in preschool, my family has been involved in our local ,,Pajama Program chapter and collect pjs and books for children who are removed from their homes and placed in local shelters, not just during the holiday season, but all year long! You can look up the chapter in your area and see how you can volunteer {,,here}.

Edible Bubble Science With Apples

,credit Freepik

7. ,go on a winter hike

There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration in the Winter time!

We recently discovered this beautiful ,,Winter Eco Journal packed with activities for exploring the season!

We love that there are ,,four journals in the series, one for each season!

Go on a Winter hike

,credit Freepik

8. learn about birds, make a bird feeder, and enter photo contest

We LOVE the ,, website.

The kids can learn all about birds in your area (or other places) including hearing the bird’s song and calls! This is an incredible resource by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Go ,,{HERE} to learn how to make a pinecone feeder or bird seed cookies with the kids. Then hang it outside and do some ,,bird-watching!

But that’s not all, while you’re watching take some photo shots and enter their ,Bird Spotter Photo Contest! They have a different photo challenge every Monday.

Be sure to check out more ,,STEM fun, including owl pellet dissecting ,,{HERE}.

Q the robot photovore eeme


9. make an indoor/outdoor winter mural

I have told you about the ,,Outdoor Art Station idea we use for the warm months, but don’t let the cold weather keep you from doing a similar activity in the Winter!

Winter murals are just as engaging and the trick is to bring the kids inside once they’ve collected items for their canvas and everyone can warm up and continue the project!

This is what we do: Go outside with a bag or basket and collect interesting nature items you want to use on your canvas. Once inside, discuss and arrange items collected, glue each to your blank canvas (you can either use a sturdier ,inexpensive drop cloth or a ,large paper roll sheet) and use paint, markers, glitter, stickers to create your nature masterpiece!

*** For more mural activities, take a look at these ultimate fun ,,Giant Posters to nurture their creativity and encourage collaboration! And go ahead and throw a poster-coloring party!

Dissecting Owl Pellets

,credit Alison Burell

10. ,have a fondue night

Are your kids usually up for a fun dining adventure?

My kids were thrilled when I announced that we were having friends over to play and then dipping our food in cheese for dinner!

And as if THAT wasn’t exciting enough, when I showed them the skewers they would be using to do this, they did cartwheels and squealed through the house! [what is it with boys and sharp objects?]

Needless to say, it’s one of our favorite dinner nights, we have so much fun and laughter, whether we’re sharing it with friends or just staying in for a not-so-quiet night!

Check out my favorite (and top-rated) fondue pot {,HERE}.

And to make it educational (why wouldn’t we?) watch Alton Brown’s video of the History of fondue and get his recipe {,HERE}.

* Yes, I realize there’s a food-gathering-party theme here, but it’s Winter and socializing and eating go great together.

Q the robot photovore eeme

Ready to get started?

Don’t forget to also see our ,,15 Fall Themed STEM Activities

Fall Themed STEM Activities

And ,,Yuck-Free Favorite Summer Activities and see what you may adapt for the Winter months!

Favorite Summer Activities we love

credit: Pinterest

That’s a LOT of discovering and exploring waiting for you!

What are some of your faves? Let us know in the comments below.

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