10 Days of Connecting With Your Child Series

We are SO excited to announce that in just 10 short days we will be joining an incredible group of moms to bring you the BEST of 10 Days Series!

Real Moms Winging It will be featuring 10 Days of Connecting With Your Child, a series of posts that will touch on the challenges of relationships between moms and kids and ideas on how to reach and connect!

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Day 1 – ,,,Connecting Through Cooking…and Crying.

Connecting Through Cooking and Crying

Day 2 – ,,,Connecting Through the Lingering…

Connecting Through The Lingering

Day 3 – ,,,Connecting With Your Child: Start a Project. No, Not That Kind.

Connecting With Your Child Start a Project

Day 4 – ,,,Connecting Through Conversation [when you’ve had the mother of all bad days!] * Includes exclusive FREEBIE !

Connecting With Your Child Through Conversation When You've Had The Mother of All Bad Days

Day 5 – ,,,Connecting Through Touch.

Connecting With Your Child Through Touch

Day 6 – ,,,Our Most Difficult Bonding: Mother – Son.

Connecting With Your Child Our Most Difficult Bonding

Day 7 – ,,,Connecting Through Their World.

Connecting With Your Child Step Into Their World

Day 8 – ,,,Connecting Through the Challenges.

Connecting Through The Challenges

Day 9 – ,,,Connecting Through the Chaos: the Secret Weapon to get kids ready to go without yelling! * Includes exclusive FREEBIE !

Secret Weapon to Get Kids Ready To Go Without Yelling

Day 10- Coming Soon!

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