Have you added PODCASTS to your ,fun kids and family activities list?

If you haven’t, you are in for a treat!

These kids podcasts are perfect to stream during driving time, playing time, quiet time, bedtime, and all-around FUN time!

Oh and of course the built-in learning is what this mom is all about, but don’t tell my kids, sssshhh!

Here are our favorite 10 BEST PODCASTS FOR KIDS list:

10 Best Podcasts For Kids


Brains on 10 Best Kids Podcasts

Brains On is a science podcast for curious kids and adults. Co-hosted each week by kid scientists and reporters, they ask questions ranging from the science behind sneezing to how to translate the purr of cats. Join them and turn your brains on!

,All the wonders

All The Wonders is a home for readers to discover new books and to experience the stories they love in wondrous ways. It is an entertainment channel, a variety show, and a modern library all wrapped up into one digital home.

We LOVE this because it actually includes 4 podcast channels:

All the Wonders

The Best Book Ever (This Week)

Books Between



Tumble 10 Best Podcasts for Kids

Tumble is another fantastic science podcast for kids, to be enjoyed by the entire family. They tell stories about science discoveries, with the help of scientists! Join Lindsay and Marshall as they ask questions, share mysteries, and share what science is all about.

,,DrEam big

Dream Big 10 Best Podcasts For Kids

The Dream Big Podcast is a family-friendly podcast inspiring kids (and adults!) to pursue their passions in life and take action to make their dreams a reality. Your hosts Eva Karpman (currently 7-years-old in 2nd grade) and mom Olga Karpman interview world-class performers who do what they love and live their dreams each and every day.

,barefoot books

Barefoot Books 10 Best Podcasts For Kids

Barefoot Books is a trusted company and movement! They were named by Forbes as one of the Best Small Companies in America. This independent publisher offers a beautifully curated list of books children love and parents (and grandparents) trust!

Their mission is to share stories, connect families, and inspire children.

Barefoot Books podcast includes stories from carefully crafted children’s classics, poems and songs.

,wow in the world

Wow In The World Best Kids Podcasts

Wow in the World is a new way for families to connect, look up and discover the wonders in the world around them. Every episode, hosts Mindy and Guy guide curious kids and their grown-ups away from their screens and on a journey. Through a combination of careful scientific research and fun, you’ll go inside our brains, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology.

,adventures in odyssey

Adventures In Odyssey Best Kids Podcasts

Adventures in Odyssey is a 30-minute drama that combines the faith lessons parents appreciate with characters and stories that kids love! The official podcast gives behind-the-scenes information on the show, gives deleted scenes and answers fan questions.

,,the alien adventures of finn caspian

The Alien Adventures Of Finn Caspian Best Podcasts For Kids

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is a serialized science-fiction story for kids, told in 15-20 minute episodes for parents to put on when driving around town, or to marathon on road trips, or to bond over before bed. The story centers on Finn Caspian, an 8-year-old boy aboard The Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station. He and his friends Abigail, Elias and Vale are Explorers Troop 301, taking off from the Marlowe to explore uncharted planets, help the occasional alien, and solve a mystery that threatens to destroy the Marlowe.

,,stories podcast

Stories Podcast Best Podcasts For Kids

On the Stories Podcast, they perform a new story for your children every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales like Snow White to classic stories like Peter Rabbit and even completely original works. Everything is G rated and safe for all ages. The perfect kids podcast for imaginative families.

,,but why

But Why Best Podcasts For Kids

But Why is a show led by kids. The kids ask the questions and they find the answers. It’s a big interesting world out there. On But Why, they tackle topics large and small, about nature, words, even the end of the world.

,,How Does NASA Drive The Mars Rover? Why Is The Sea Salty? Do Bumblebees Have Hearts? Why Don’t Bicycles Fall Over? How Is Chocolate Made?

10 Best Podcasts For Kids

Drop us a comment and let us know if your family listens to these regularly and we’d love to hear your recommendations on some new podcasts to try!

Happy Listening!

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